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Zulu BMX | MTB race pants are 100% designed and built for riding your bike. They are light weight, breathable and have a strong construction to withstand the riggors of gravity fed bike sports. Shop Zulu race pants and other BMX and MTB racing gear.

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Zulu BMX and MTB race gear - our roots are in racing

Riding your BMX or mountain bike has got to be one of the biggest adrenalin kicks you can get and having ridden and raced ourselves we know the feeling all to well.  It’s also why take our product development so seriously. At Zulu Racewear we strive to give you the best quality and feel without compromise. We test all our gear on experienced racers. If it works for them we have no doubt it will work for you.

What we have to offer at Zulu race wear

Zulu BMX race pants and mountain bike pants  are constructed from our own unique weave of material, which is lightweight and comfortable, yet still robust to withstand the rigors of gravity fed bike sports.  We have many added features like a double popper secure closure system and ultra light gel logos for comfort and weight saving. Our BMX race shorts and mountain bike shorts offer the same technical qualities and are basically a shortened version of our race pant.


Our Zulu race jersey’s and body warmers come in an array of colors and designs to match your pants and are manufactured in Italy from breathable and lightweight materials.  The specially designed cut and pattern gives extra comfort and great look.


The Zulu body protection is CE approved and made in Italy.  It has complete protection on thorax, back, shoulders and elbows and comes with a built in kidney belt. The mesh material offers great ventilation and comfort - no compromises.  


Zulu BMX Rain jackets are UCI spec and use a velcro frontal closure instead of zip so you will not get turned away at the starting grid.  Easy to put on and take off and the strategically placed vent areas offer breathability while keeping you dry.


Don't forget we also offer full custom race shirts for clubs and teams and orders can be as small as 1 piece to over 100 pieces per order.

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